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The Original Tonic Enhancer

Create deliciously flavoured mixers using regular tonic water.
Perfect with gin. Fabulous with vodka.
No sugary sweetness. No recipes.
Just add these 100% natural flavourings.

There’s nothing complicated about using our Tonic Enhancers:
Just add 4 dashes to your glass and top up with tonic water.
It’s that easy. They won’t even take up fridge space! Put them on a shelf, or in a cupboard, and they’ll keep for 6 months after opening.

What Rebecca thinks of our products:
A great product, making it easy to reproduce 'gin bar' flavours at home without the need for loads of fancy ingredients! Have tried 2 flavours so far and am looking forward to sampling the other 3.

What Richard thinks of our products:
Quality product. Changes the way I now buy my gin and tonics as this product is a game changer. No need to buy over expensive or flavoured gins/tonics from now on as I have my own flavours to add. Would recommend to any gin buffs to give it a go. Value for money. Will definitely buy the range.

What Claire thinks of our products:
What is there to look forward to on a dark November evening? Not a lot. But a gin and tonic enhanced by these delicious, natural flavours definitely makes the end of the day a whole lot better.

What Verity thinks of our products:
These are so amazing! I'd never heard of tonic enhancers before but loved my first try. They make your usual G&T so much more exciting. Great Christmas presents too.

What Michael thinks of our products:
Awesome! These flavours are amazing, so refreshing to have a break from the same old flavoured tonic waters. Fantastic variety with the 5 pack and a great price. Well done Butler & Brewer.

The Bespoke Black Book:
I was blown away by the Rasberry, Basil and Lime flavour which really are the perfect combination of flavours. It brings a light, fruity taste to the tonic without feeling too overpowering.

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Hand crafted in Great Britain


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