Our flavour combinations are so well balanced, and so complementary to gin as a whole, that they work with any unflavoured gin. But along the way we discovered a few pairings that were particularly special. So this is by no means a definitive and restrictive guide, they’re just a few highlights you may want to try…


Tanqueray London Dry is the starting point for a classic G&T for many gin fans. As one of our personal go to gins, it was always going to feature in our pairing suggestions, but this combination really does shine. With its crisp dryness, the gin is the perfect platform for the zingy green apple of the Tonic Enhancer, and all that juniper forwardness lays beautifully with the softness of the cucumber and the floral sweetness of the elderflower. The finish is long, but fresh, and will have you unwittingly nodding your head as your palate confirms delivery of what the aromas out the glass are promising: this is going to be delicious!

With its links to South Africa and a spirit of adventure, the brand story kinship with Whitley Neill Original would make it an obvious choice for a pairing with our tonic enhancers. But putting that aside, this pairing creates flavours that are uniquely delicious. The tart gooseberries and floral pot pourri of the gin marry wonderfully with the zingy green apple and heady elderflower of the Tonic Enhancer. The gin then delivers on its citrus credentials as a perfect counterfoil to the cucumber, resulting in a G&T that is pure summer in a glass.


With its almost fruity sweetness, and complex collection of ingredients, Roku Gin and our Hibiscus, Lime and Pomegranate Tonic Enhancer provide a floral and exotic re-invented G&T flavour experience. The quintessential characteristics of citrus, juniper and vegetal notes are all there, but mostly from non-traditional sources, creating something entirely new but not disparate. The overall effect is intoxicating (ha!).

With its strong citrus profile, and soft hints of rose petal, Hendrick’s Gin provides the perfect platform for this flavour combination to be a little more front and centre. The gin lacks alcohol scorch, leading to a long, refreshing, floral finish.

Despite any apparent masculine credentials, this Tonic Enhancer is consistently rated #1 by males providing product feedback.


Bombay Sapphire has an amazing floral and fruity character that resonates beautifully with this flavour combination. The pulled back juniper in the gin allows the citrus notes in both the gin and the Tonic Enhancer to pull everything together on both the nose and the palate, and the cumulative effect is fresh, complex and fruity, without being sweet.

In complete contrast to that, fellow Bristolians 6 O’Clock Gin make a cracking London Dry gin that is soft and citrusy, with both lemon and orange bringing balance to the juniper. Although not as complex, it evokes associations of a classic G&T, which provides the perfect platform for the raspberry to shine through and introduce a new dimension to the prevailing tartness.


With complementary lead flavours of orange marmalade in both products, the combination of our Orange, Thyme and Lemongrass Tonic Enhancer and Sipsmith London Dry is a marriage made in heaven. The lemongrass enhances the warm spicy notes without detracting from the zesty orange rind. But it’s the thyme doing wonderful things with the soft pine notes of the juniper that rounds off the beautifully balanced bitterness with the perfect dose of background greenness to create waves of flavour.

With a soft citrus finish and legendary versatility, Plymouth Gin allows the orange rind of the Tonic Enhancer to retain a hint more bitterness. More earthy than the first pairing, and with a finish that is warmer and longer, this presents as the “older brother” to the Sipsmith pairing.


We were introduced to Loch Ness Highland Gin by good friends (thanks Mike and Ash) and fell in love with the story and the product straight away. It’s a really green and bold gin, and the rosemary latches onto the gin’s heather, thistle and nettle, slotting in as if they were destined to find each other. The gin’s juniper and warm spice notes, and the combined lemon citrus from both products, do the job of holding it back from becoming too herbaceous, and the effect is sublime.

Bringing things a lot closer to home, another great Bristol product is Chew Valley London Dry Gin. With waves of juniper and soft spicy notes, the lack of prominent green botanicals in the gin provides the perfect platform for the rosemary and subtle mint of the Tonic Enhancer to become part of the main cast. Whereas with Loch Ness Highland Gin the combination amplifies the key flavours, with Chew Valley London Dry Gin it is more a case of the two products bringing complementary flavours together in the same place, ultimately creating a softer profile.


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